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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A weekend with Papa

Last weekend Jake was up in Mammoth for Matthew's bachelor party and my Mom was down in Cabo for Erin's bachelorette party so the kids and I packed our bags and headed up to Riverside to spend the weekend with my Dad.  It had to be close to a decade if not longer that my Dad and I spent a weekend together, so I wasn't too sure how this was going to go.  We showed up Friday afternoon and Skylar couldn't of been more excited.  She was so happy to wake up from her nap in the car and be at Nana and Papa's house.  The first night we headed out to dinner at the mall and stop by Nordstorms.  Papa gave Madden his first taste of a banana milkshake, which of course he loved.

The next day Dad came up with the idea of taking the kids and I up to Oak Glen.  When we first arrived the place was dead and half of park wasn't even open.  Luckily they have a little viewing center that was open and we were able to walk through to kill some time.

When leaving the viewing center Skylar got a big cup of corn kernels and we headed straight to the animals walk to let her feed all the animals.


The train ride finally opened so the kids and I jumped on for Madden's first train ride, while Papa sat it out.  Madden loved riding the train.  He was smiling and banging on the train for the entire ride.

When riding the train Skylar saw that the ponies had arrived and let Papa know when we got off the train ride she wanted to go ride the ponies next.  Having rid several ponies over the last few months, Skylar has no fear and would ride for hours if we let her.

Our last stop was the bakery where we picked up a famous Oak Glen apple pie and headed home since Grandma was planning on coming over.  The kids and I had a great time in Oak Glen with Papa and I was glad he came up with the idea to go.

Skylar spent half the weekend sitting in Papa's office coloring with his highlighters.  She colored Papa four pictures which he put on display in his office for her.  Not allowing Papa to get much work done, Madden would crawl into the office wanting to hang out.

Dad put together a great dinner for the kids, Grandma, and I that night and the next morning Papa Papa came over for pancakes.  My Dad was a ton of help with the kids which I was very thankful for and the four of us ended up having a really good time together.  Well, I think Madden had the best time!!

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  1. These pix are so cute. Skylar really enjoys all kinds of animals. I love the pix of her on the pony. And Madden always has a big smile on his face.