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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Madden is 1 Year Old

When did my little baby turn into a little man!?!?!?!  I can't believe that Madden is now one year old.  I can still remember those first few months and me just counting down the days until he was no longer an infant.  He was so tough in those early months and I was constantly telling myself the older he got the easier he will be. But now that he is one year old and I sometimes miss that little baby boy.

Madden, you have turned into the sweetest, most adorable, easy going little boy we could ask for.  The most common thing we hear about you from people is "look at that smile," "he is always smiling."  Which is so true, the smile on your face is never ending.

You are finally down to two naps a day.  You are an early riser,  up no later than 6:30 am every day.  You have been walking since you were 10 months old and you just love it.  You walk around the whole house causing chaos.  You open up every drawer or cabinet that is within your reach and throw everything out of it.  We pick up after you all day long.  

I won't lie, you are one messy eater.  I have to hose down your high chair and sweep up the floor after every single meal.  The good thing is you love to eat.  For months now you refuse to let us feed you off a spoon and only want to feed yourself.  You love pasta, bananas, meat loaf, tacos, crackers, eggs, and pretty much anything we put in front of you.  Your relationship with your bottle is a love/hate one.  You are always throwing your milk after only drinking a few ounces and letting it spill all over our floors.  I told your Dad we are going to have to have our carpets cleaned because of the numerous milk stains you have left.

It was a tough first year when it came to your health.  You have had too many colds to count, several coughs, a couple fevers, and even the stomach bug, but you have been a trooper through all of it.  It may be a boy thing, but you are so much more needy than your sister was at this age.  You will walk over to us and just beg to be picked up and held.

Outside is where you love to be.  You will scream and cry when we bring you in and close the door.  You will sit at the backdoor and just knock on it waiting to be let back out.  You are already climbing up the slide all be yourself.  We can't turn away for a minute because you will be at the top of the slide.  You love riding on your roller coaster down the alley and playing in the play room. You have destroyed several tea parties your sister has tried to have.  Your admiration for your big sister is so cute.  You want to do everything she is doing, eat whatever she is eating, and play with whatever toy she is playing with.  I can't tell you how many purses and princess wands you walk around the house with.  You love to laugh and dance with Skylar as well.  Whenever we are playing music or your sister and Dad are having a dance party you are right in there with them doing your little bounce move.  We also recently starting going to the pool and you have really enjoyed swimming.  You will sit on the edge of the pool and fall into my arms.  Skylar loves when you do it because she likes to think you are jumping in the water like she does.

My sweet baby boy! The past year with you in our lives has been so amazing.  It had its tough times, but all the long nights, the crying (from the both of us)  has been totally worth it.  You make me a better person and a better mom.  You brighten up my life every day.  I can't wait to see what the next year brings from you.

Happy Birthday Madden!!  

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