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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Skylar is 3 Years Old

3 Years Old...NO WAY!! Please make it stop.  I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast right before us.  I remember pulling out of the hospital with Skylar in the backseat and Jake driving 45 mph the whole way home.  She was our precious baby girl and we were just so in love from the moment she arrived. She has had such a big year and conquered so many milestones from 2 to 3 that we couldn't be more proud of her.

Skylar, this past year with you has been incredible to watch.  You had so many changes and handled them all so well.  You spent your first full year of your life in one home.  We moved 3 times since you were born and now you finally have your permanent home.  You went from a toddler bed, to a full size bed with no problem.  You did fall out of the bed your first night in it, but we can blame that on Dad since he didn't put your railings up.  Thankfully you are still napping about once a day, but you definitely have the days when you refuse nap.  You will just jump out of bed, exit your room and proclaim you slept already.  I can't lie, the days you don't nap make me want to rip my hair out.  You still love to read books.  Some of your books you have practically memorized and you can read them back to us.  You are so smart, sometimes your Dad and I don't know where you come up with some of the things you say or do. 

You have quite the social/activities life.  After doing swimming since you were about 15 months we recently decided to take a break from it.  But before that you were swimming almost across the pool by yourself.    Since January you have been doing gymnastics at the YMCA and you just love it.  You follow direction so well at class and when you finish a move or a tumble you always let Ms. Tracy know by shouting "I did it Ms. Tracy, I did it!"  

  You are such a good friend.  You love to list the name of each of your friends over and over again.  Last Fall we had new neighbors move in and just your luck they had a little girl your age.  You and Sophie have become the best of friends and you ask to play with her every day.  You guys are two peas in a pod and watching you guys play together is so much fun.  I love seeing how sweet, kind and generous you are to all of your friends.

When you were about 2 1/2 I decided it was time to start potty training you.  We did a 3 day, stay at home boot camp and you were potty trained by Sunday.  I couldn't of been more proud.  Our biggest struggle with you is your eating habits.  You are such a picky and stubborn eater it drives your Dad and I crazy.  You refuse to try anything new.  Even having a fruit or vegetable on your plate can cause you to have a complete panic attack.  We try to hid the smallest pieces of veggies in your food and you still seems to find them and demand we take them out.  You can even be picky with certain crackers or chips.  If they don't look familiar to you, you want nothing to do with them.  Your favorites things are pretty much any carb or sweet you can get your hands on.  You eat waffles, pancakes, peanut better and jelly, and chicken nuggets for most of your meals.  Thank goodness for Trader Joe's, because you will only eat Trader Joe's yogurt and Trader Joe's squeezes.  "MILK, MILK!!" is another request we hear from you with every meal. Half glass of milk is never enough, you always want it filled to the top of your cup.  Your Dad and I are hoping this food strike is just a phase and that you will grow out of it soon.

The most thrilling thing we watched from you this year was you becoming a Big Sister.  The love you show for Madden makes my heart melt.  You are his little protector and his best friend.  Getting into the car you have your special routine where you have to wait for Madden to get into his car seat and than you give him a hug and a kiss and say "I love you so much Madden," then you will allow me to buckle you in.  You tell anyone and everyone who will listen that this is your little brother Madden.  You love to try and teach him new things and when he learns something new you are his biggest cheerleader.  It's not always a loving relationship between the two of you.  You definitely have times when you want nothing to do with him.  That usually happens when you are watching a cartoon or playing with your girlfriends.  Since he has become so much more mobile he is playing with a lot of your toys and that is something you don't like.  On an average you probably make him cry once a day when you take toys away from him.  You may still be having some trouble understanding that he is a lot smaller than you because you have had many push and shove moments with him (and you have drawn blood a couple of times).  But despite the typical brother and sister spats, you are the best big sister Madden could ask for and I have treasured watching you nurture and care for him the first year of his life.           

Skylar, I feel so lucky to have you as my daughter.  Each day with you is more special than the next and watching you go turn into a little girl has been mesmerizing.  I'm looking forward to this upcoming year for you.  You will be starting preschool in the next few months, and I know you are going to learn so many new and interesting things and I can't wait for you to share them with us.  As I said earlier, I wish time would stop and you could be my little girl forever, but I'm also ecstatic to see all the new strides you are going to make this coming year.

Happy 3rd Birthday Buggie!


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