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Monday, May 6, 2013

Welcome to Skylar and Madden's Circus

Skylar and Madden's birthday are only eleven days apart, so I figured a joint birthday was the best way to go.  With it being Madden's 1st birthday and skipping out on a party for Skylar last year, I knew I wanted to go big. I was thinking something very neutral and unisex.  I'm sure Skylar would of loved a Princess Party but I didn't think that would of been fair for her little brother, so I went with a Circus theme.

For weeks I was going on my lunch hour at work to different stores to pick up all the decor, hours on pinterest to come up with ideas and constantly reassuring Jake that I wasn't spending too much money (wink, wink).  After all the hard work, running of errands, and stressing out I'm happy to say that the party was perfect.  I scheduled the party to start at 10:00 am because it was a party for a bunch of toddlers and toddlers nap anywhere from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm so the time crunch in the morning had me a little uneasy.  I was up at 4:30 am cutting marshmallows for the cupcakes because I wasn't sure if we would have enough time in the morning for everything, but thankfully to my amazing husband, my in-laws, and my Mom, we pretty much had it all done by 9:30 am.

My dessert table was something I was extremely proud of.  I put it together all by myself.  Made the cupcakes on my own which I thought were the cutest part of the whole thing.!


I decided to hire a clown to help keep the kids entertained and she did a fantastic job.  She was worth every penny and worked the entire party.  Her name was Bubbles and she was young and not scary looking what so ever.  She brought bubbles for the kids to play with,  face painting, and did balloons for all of them.  I think the bubbles were the biggest hit.


We also set up a ring toss, bean bag toss, and put the roller coaster out in the alley.  The coaster was definitely a huge hit for all the kids.

I must give a huge thank you to Jake.  I told him I wanted to do a photo booth for the party and he went above and beyond on what I was thinking.  I thought something very simple, made out of a cardboard box, but he had something else in his mind and put together an awesome booth.  I must also give a ton of credit to his mom who hand sewed a lot of the backdrop to the booth.  I thought it turned out perfect.


To keep with the Circus theme for lunch everyone dined on hot dogs, corn dogs, turkey dogs, potato salad, and fruit salad.  Of course, Skylar was having too much fun and didn't want to eat anything but candy off the dessert table.

Cake time!! I ordered little smash cakes for both Skylar and Madden and loved how they turned out.

Just as I thought, by noon most of the toddlers were getting tired and started heading home.  They didn't get to leave without the wonderful favors my mother in law Suzie put together for all of them.

I can't tell you how much Jake and I appreciate all of our wonderful friends and their children who came to celebrate such a special day.  We can't say THANK YOU enough to everyone.  I must also thank my wonderful in-laws who drove nine hours to come to the party and to my mom who put together the side dishes and arrived at our house by 7:00 am to help set up. In the end it was a wonderful party and I can't find one thing I would change about it.  After seeing how much fun Skylar and Madden had it made all the stress worth it.  

I just love my birthday babies!

Partied Out!


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  1. What a wonderful birthday for Skylar and Madden under The Big Top! The pictures captured what a fabulous time all of the children had at The Ernest Circus! Nicole and Jake know how to treat their friends and their families to a great time! I know Grand-pa and I enjoyed ourselves so much! The clown was just perfect for young children. These pictures turned out just right. Truly a good time had by parents and children alike! A very "Happy Birthday" to our SoCal grandchildren, Skylar and Madden.
    Until next year,
    Love, Grand-ma and Grand-pa