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Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting their Hair Did

So my kiddos had another milestone in their lives last week, be it not a big milestone, but still a milestone....First Hair Cuts!  Yes it took me three an a half years to cut Skylar's hair, don't ask me why, it was a weird  "Me" thing.  Madden on the other hand I couldn't wait a day longer, his hair was starting to turn a bit mullet like and he needed one badly.  I found a cute children's hair salon and figured that would be the perfect place to start.  They had movies on and animal crackers for the kids.  Madden sat in the chair and within 30 seconds was crying, which meant I had sit in the chair with him on my lap.  

Skylar was perfect! She loved every second of getting pampered.  I walked in wanting to do just a centimeter size trim on her, but we ended up taking a whole inch.  Which I'm happy I did because I can tell by just brushing her hair now how bad her ends really were.

All smiles!

At the end she got a braid with a red ribbon and red glitter in her hair.  She couldn't of been more excited about the glitter because she asked me every ten minutes if the glitter was still in her hair.  

 After having Mama close to him Madden did great.  He sat and watched Cars while the hair dresser and I maneuvered his head around.  It's funny how much his new hair cut aged him.  My baby looks like such a big boy now.

Getting his blow out!

 Looking so fresh and so clean!

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