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Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Carving and Candy Apple Making

It's really starting to feel like Fall.  Nights are getting really chilly and I'm putting the kids in pants more often, which is great.  This weekend we got into the season and decided to carve our Halloween pumpkins and make candy apples.  

Skylar has been asking to carve a pumpkin ever since we went to the pumpkin patch.  Once we started and she saw the inside of the pumpkin she got a bit crabby and wanted nothing to do with the cleaning of the pumpkin.  Madden was the complete opposite.  He got up close and personal with the pumpkin guts by putting some in his mouth to taste.

Once her pumpkin was clean Skylar cheered right up.   She wanted just a simple Jack-O-Lantern, so Dad drew a face and they carved it out together.  For Madden we decided to do something he loves...an airplane.  I worked on a spider with a web, and Jake continued his tradition of doing whatever Skylar asked for, which this year was a princess (not a shocker).  

Next, Skylar and I decided to make Caramel Candy Apples.  Skylar had a blast making them, but she refused to eat one because according to her "I don't like apples".  This kid really doesn't know what she is missing out on when it comes to fruit.

 Once it got dark we took our pumpkin to the porch and lit them up.  I tried to get a picture of Madden and just his airplane pumpkin, but he kept trying to sit on his lit pumpkin, so I gave up.  Skylar also made sure her new baby "Baby Skylar", was apart of the pumpkin lighting as well.

Even making baby brother hold her baby in our picture.

Jake once again knocked it out of the park with his Ariel pumpkin.  Skylar was very proud of herself and her Jack-O-Lantern and I'm sure if Madden truly understood his was an airplane he would be really excited.  

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