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Monday, October 14, 2013

Pumpkin Patch - 2013

So the tradition of Bates Nut Farm continues, and in a big way.  I made two trips to Bates in one week so you can say that I got my pumpkin patch fill this year.  The only sad part about this year's trip to the patch was that Jake didn't get to join us because of his new job, but I think after all the pumpkins we brought home he was good.  

My parents and Uncle Chris joined the kids and I this year at the patch.  We got there first thing in the morning and started at the petting zoo.  The petting zoo started off ok with the kids admiring all the animals.  Then I purchased food to feed the animals and things took a turn for the worst.  The goats started to get a little too jumpy with Skylar and both Madden and her started crying and wanted out of the pen.  I felt bad that they got so scared and now I have learned my lesson when buying the food.

Begging Papa to get him out!

Here is Skylar crying from behind the fence.

After some tears from the scary experience in the petting zoo, we took Skylar over to the ponies which cheered her right up.  I love watching her ride around on the little pony.  There is always such a sense of joy and innocence on her face. 

For some reason last year we didn't do the tractor ride, so this year we made sure not to miss out on it.  They had different scarecrows along the ride that Skylar and Uncle Chris enjoyed pointing out.

On the farm they also have goats and llamas held behind fences.  At first Skylar was still pretty scared, but we were able to convince her to feed them and she actually enjoyed it and requested more handfuls for corn to continue feeding them.

Our traditional Bates Nut Family pictures! It's not the same without Dad though.

After experiencing all that Bates has to offer it was time to pick out pumpkins (my favorite part).  Last year Jake made fun of me because I spent a crazy amount on pumpkins so this year I wanted to keep it a bit tamed, but Skylar had a different idea.  She was so cute running to any pumpkin that wasn't too heavy for her and throwing it into our wheelbarrows.  She was having so much fun picking them out that I couldn't stop her, plus I figured Jake couldn't be mad since Skylar was the one who picked them all out.  

My two little pumpkin cuties!

The pumpkin picking queen!

Yes two wheelbarrows and 23 pumpkins later we had all a great time (minus the tough start at the petting zoo), I would call it another successful family pumpkin patch trip.


Back to Bates we go! This time it was just Skylar and I who went with a playgroup while Madden stayed at home with Dad.  

Skylar and Sophie posing on haystacks!  This two are always wanting to be the center of attention.

So getting Skylar to go back into the petting zoo was a bit of a challenge.  At first she sat on the other side of the fence not wanting to go in, but once she saw her girlfriends playing with the bunnies she wanted to join them.  Jess was kind of enough to purchase some of the animal food and keep all the goat at bay while the girls were able to sit and cuddle their bunnies.

Of course, the ponies were the hit of the farm.  All the kids waited patiently for the horse wranglers to get the ponies ready for riding.  They were the first ones to ride them for the day and were able to get a good five to ten minute ride in.  I think all of us moms decided that someone needs to hire the ponies for the next birthday party.

Our really bad attempt for a group photo!

Pumpkin picking fun was had by all.

As you can see Skylar's new pose is still in full effect.  She was a lucky girl to be able to go to the pumpkin patch back to back. She had a blast both times and I'm glad she was able to experience it with her family and her friends.  

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  1. We are so sad we missed the annual "Bates Pumpkin Patch." It looks like you had 2 wonderful days at the patch. These pix are all so cute! I love Madden pushing the GIANT wheelbarrow full of pumpkins, and Skylar "smiling" on her horse. Goats CAN be really aggressive! And the pix of all of Skylar's friends peeking out of the pumpkin cut-outs are so cute. What great weather you had. You know how I feel, Nicole, you can never have too many pumpkins! When we go with you all next year, we will have 3 wheelbarrows full of pumpkins! Skylar is right, there is always one more perfect pumpkin you have just GOT to have!
    Grand-ma and Grand-pa