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Monday, September 23, 2013

Bressi Ranch Concert in the Park

When the Concert in the Park invite went out I knew it was a must that we attend, because that meant....Dance Party!  I'm so thankful that my kiddos are not shy and love to dance.  Jake is the one who deserves the credit for that, he is always putting music on and having the kids dance around the house.  There has even been times where we will have music playing in the house and Madden will run from the backyard to the living room just to get his groove on.  

Our awesome social committee hit it out the park again.  The band they hired was awesome and played so many classic songs that everyone loved.  From the moment we arrived (which was early since we wanted to make sure we got a good spot), the kids were up on there feet.  There was enough food and drinks to go around, not to mention Jess' homemade sangria, which was a huge hit. 

Dancing Machines!  

The girls eating whoopie pies, just one of the many snacks that they ate throughout the night.

Taking a quick break to play with Play-Doh and rest those dancing legs.

Madden was a band groupie the whole night.  When it got darker the band had a spot light that Madden didn't want to move from.  Luckily the band was cool and didn't mind having the kids so up close and personal.

The night was the best way to end summer.  It was great seeing the kids have so much fun, hanging out with friends and just enjoying some good music.

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