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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cabo Trip

For our first family vacation (not to mention my first real vacation since before I was pregnant with Skylar) we wanted a trip that was super relaxing and easy.  After going back and forth between Mexico and Hawaii, we decided on Mexico.  Both Jake and I had never been to Cabo and we figured since its only a hop, skip, and a jump away it would make easy travel for the kids.  The plane ride was a breeze with the flight being practical empty Madden was able to run up and down the aisle while Skylar watched a movie.    

Another first for us was the whole all-inclusive thing.  We didn't want to have to leave the resort since we didn't feel like traveling with two car seat so we made sure we stayed at a resort that gave anything and everything we would need.  I must say we found the perfect, family friendly resort.  We stayed 6 days at the Barcelo.  They had 6 different restaurants, as well as a buffet that had a different menu every day for every meal.  

Keeping with the theme of just wanting to relax, we spent every day by the pool and in between naps took full advantage of the all-inclusive options.  When the kids did nap, Jake and I would order chips and guacamole and enjoy the quiet, beautiful view from our balcony.

Following Skylar's lead, Madden was jumping straight into the pool as if he knew how to swim.  We couldn't take our eyes off him for a second.

Red slushies by the pool became a staple in Skylar's vacation diet.  At one point she was having two a day when Jake and I had to finally cut her off.  She loved telling us..."Order me a red slushie!"

The awesome view from the lobby.  This was our second night at the resort when a massive rain storm hit.   At one point we had four maids run into our suite and lay down towels surrounding the windows and sliding doors to prevent water from coming in.  The wind was so loud that I got pretty scared and had us all sleep in the same room that night. 

Desserts became a nightly thing for us.  Skylar was in heaven!

The day after the tropical storm hit it was blue skies.

This night we ate at the steak house, sadly the steak was really bad.  Either way, Madden was happy with his bread.  In case you haven't noticed yet, Skylar came up with her own pose which she does in just about every picture she took.

Awesome martini bar!  

Skylar really turned into a great swimmer on the trip. She was swimming so much on her own I couldn't believe it.

Even doing the pose in the pool!

Dinner at the Japanese restaurant.  This was definitely the best meal of the trip, plus the kids loved watching their food being cooked in front of them... and yes, more dessert for Skylar.  

After most dinners we would explore the resort and take pictures.  

Getting Skylar to go down to the beach was almost impossible.  The beach was a non-swim beach since the current was so tough that she had no interest in going down to the water.  We got her down for about two minutes where I was able to capture one picture.

For our last day we wanted to spend as much time at the pool as we could so we cancelled our dinner reservations and decided to swim late into the evening.  We had a mellow dinner at the buffet (I swear Skylar did eat more than just dessert while we were there), and walked around the resort feeding the birds.

A pretty uneventful blog post for a family vacation, but like I said, we kept the whole trip super mellow.  The kids were so great and traveled so well I couldn't of been prouder of them.  Jake and I enjoyed the week of not having to pick up after the kids and just being able to spend a ton of quality time with each of them.  I told Jake I would love to take this vacation once a year because of the ease and relaxation!

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  1. Nicole and Jake,
    What a wonderful, happy and relaxing trip. The pix are amazing. I want to be there with you all. You all look so relaxed and the picture of a loving family. Thank you for posting these lasting memories. Each picture is better than the last.
    Love to you all,
    Suzie and Paul