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Monday, March 24, 2014

Running for Chocolate

This past weekend us running gals participated in the Hot Chocolate Run.  It was a 15K race (9.3 miles), where you get to indulge in a ton of chocolate at the finish line.  This was our second year running in the race and it has honestly become my favorite.  A nine mile race is definitely my sweet spot. You feel like you ran a good distance but you aren't pushing yourself or your body too much.  We all kept pace together just breaking up into little groups towards the end but still being able to see each other.

You wouldn't think that at the end of a race when your body is so hot and you are so dehydrated that a cup of hot coco would sound good, but after downing a couple bottles of water, your body starts to cool down and it really does hit the spot.  Along with the hot chocolate they give you a spread of bananas, marshmallows, pretzels, rice crispy treats, and graham crackers to dip into chocolate fondue.  And I'm not lying when I say its may be the most amazing chocolate I have ever had.  

All of us ladies had great runs and we all earned the massive calorie intake at the end of the race.  I was very happy with my results, especially since I haven't been running as much as I was a year ago.  I'm looking forward to next years race as I'm craving the chocolate already.  

1 hour 22 minutes 18 seconds
Pace Per Mile
Division Place
Sex Place
08 minutes 49 seconds
53 / 481
277 / 2575
30 minutes 53 seconds
58 minutes 45 seconds

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  1. Congratulations, Nicole! Your time was great! It looks like you ladies had so much fun! It is always the time for hot chocolate (or wine)! I like the picture of all of your faces! You all look so happy!