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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Skylar's 4th Birthday

Skylar has been going to so many big birthday parties the past few weeks and every time we come home she tells me she wants a big princess party, a minnie mouse party, or a dance party.  I felt bad that this year I decided against the big party, but I still wanted her to feel special on her big day.  With Madden's birthday being a week earlier I decided on doing a little combo celebration for them both.  The night before, Jake and I were up late setting up for the next morning.  Jake was up putting together Skylar's bike and Madden's jeep, and  I decorated their bedroom doors and had put together a little path for them to follow down to their presents.  

I really wanted to get the them exiting their rooms on video and I don't know how it happened, but the timing was perfect.  Madden was up first, so I had Jake change him in his own room since I knew Skylar would hear the commotion and would more than likely wake up as well.  So I stood out with my video ready and got the perfect shot of them both. Skylar looked scared for about one second and then was so excited.  Madden loved it and I think would of kept running back and forth hadn't we told him he had to come down to open presents.

I think we were spot on with their gifts.  Their smiles say it all!

Jake mentioned a train set for Madden and I was a bit worried that he would just end up throwing all the tracks, but I was dead wrong.  He loved his train set!

All Skylar asked for was a wedding dress, so she was pretty happy when she opened it.

For the birthday girl's breakfast we made sprinkled filled pancakes.  The kids only took a couple bites and wanted to go right back to all their new toys. 

 I put together a day of beauty for Skylar and Sophie which included hair and nails.  Before the girls  appointment Sophie put on a special birthday performance for her bestie.  Sophie got her and Skylar matching dresses and hair bows for her birthday which the girls wasted no time putting on.

The girls had appointments at the blo dry bar where they got to pick out which hair-do they wanted.  Skylar has been really into hair braids lately so of course that is what she requested.  

They girls really were enjoyed getting pampered and having everyone in the salon telling them how cute they looked.


They both got pink hair chalk and glitter spray as well.

To continue the celebration we invited a small group of friends and neighbors over for homemade pizza and cake.  The kids had a blast together.  Skylar and Madden were so happy the entire night and that really made the day.  


I know it wasn't a big birthday bash she had been asking for, but at the end of the night she said it was the best day ever, and then asked if there were going to be more presents in the morning.

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  1. Just looking at these pictures I can hear the excitement and laughter! What a great dual birthday! I just love the steamers and balloons in the doorway, and you can tell Madden and Skylar did, too. Oh my gosh! Which picture do I like the best??? Too many great ones! Sophie singing for her "bestie" is adorable, and Madden's face in his car is priceless. 'Just love Skylar's hair-do. I like that you put little movies mixed into the birthday pictures to share the joy with us! ...Darling cake!
    Happy, happy Birthday, Skylar and Madden!