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Monday, May 12, 2014

Strawberry Picking

Knowing how much Madden loves strawberries, I wanted to make a point of taking the kids to the strawberries fields to pick their own.  When we arrived I saw kids in rain boots and I immediately realized the kids were in the wrong shoes.  Skylar in her white jellies and Madden in flip flops, but I didn't want to go home so we just went for it. We paid for our bucket and picked a path to walk down.  Madden was for some reason freaked out at first and of course only wanted me to hold him.  Skylar, who doesn't eat any fruit, refused to touch a single strawberry and would only carry the bucket.  So I was carrying Madden and doing all the picking.....great

Luckily Madden loosened up and started walking on his own and picking some strawberries.  I think Skylar starting see how much fun Mama and Madden were having that when the bucket got too heavy for her to carried she decided to actually touch a strawberry and started picking.

We filled up our first bucket and Skylar starting begging for another bucket to pick more. Getting a little hopeful that Skylar may actually taste one of the strawberries I purchased another bucket.  

This time around Madden didn't want to help pick and just started eating all the strawberries Skylar and I were picking.  I think he had to eat at least 10-15 strawberries while we filled up the bucket.  I really don't blame him, they were some of the most delicious strawberries I have ever had.  Of course, he ended up covered in all the strawberries.

We got back to the car and all of our shoes were caked in dirt and strawberries, and Madden's shirt was pretty much done.  Even though she didn't taste one, I was still very proud of Skylar for taking a big step and actually touching the strawberries.  It started off a bit rough, but the kids ended up having a good time and I definitely think we will be going back to the fields, just not in sandals.

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  1. Fun, fun, fun! I just love these pictures, Nicole, as well as your very funny comments! Great flower headband, Skylar, and I like Madden's new hair cut! I am so glad your day in the strawberry field turned out good; and I thought for sure Skylar would taste just one. Oh well, she looks like she is having a great time holding the bucket; and Madden ate enough for the both of them!