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Monday, September 22, 2014

A Disney Day with Nana and Papa

The only good thing about summer coming to an end is that my blackout dates for my Disneyland pass are now open.  It had been about 4 or 5 months since the kids and I went last and I felt like we were in need of a visit.  Wanting to spend a magical day at Disney my parents joined us for their first Disney trip with their grandchildren.  Having them with us was going to make this trip even more special.

As you know, my parents and myself are morning people so we got to the park before it opened and we were waiting at the front of Frontier land for them to allow us through.  Getting there first thing in the morning is so worth it.  We practically walked on to most of the rides.

The kids were so excited to have Nana and Papa there with them.  Madden only wanted to ride rides with Papa and Skylar liked holding Nana's hand on all the rides.  Nana really wanted to ride the Haunted Mansion since it was decorated for Halloween.  I was nervous that the kids would get freaked out by it but they did great and seemed to really enjoy it.  Even though the next day Skylar said she was scared by it and would never go on it again.

Madden was shouting at Nana to watch him go up and down on his "Neigh."

We ate lunch in Toontown.

Nana and Papa opted out of the Tea Cups after lunch.

We were able to ride a couple new rides this trip as well.  We did It's a Small World that the kids loved. Skylar was begging to go on it again she loved it so much.  I had been wanting to take the kids on Peter Pan forever now and we finally got to do it.  Madden finally let Nana ride a ride with him after he had done 10 in a row with Papa.  

Getting to go to Disneyland with Nana and Papa means getting spoiled of course.  My parents were nice enough to get Skylar new Minnie Mouse ears and a Minnie purse and Madden got a sword.  While roaming the park Madden would constantly see the train, or as he calls it a "hoo."  On our way out the kids got some special treats and we rode the "hoo" around the whole park which couldn't of made Madden any happier.  He was so excited about the train that he refused to take a picture at the train stop because I think he thought he may miss the train.

We couldn't of asked for a better Disney day.  We were able to ride 10-11 rides which we barely had to wait for, we got to try some new rides out, and just being able to have Nana and Papa get to experience Disney with us made it even better.

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  1. What a great day at Disneyland. I like the picture of Madden on his white horse, and driving the car. And Skylar looks so cute in her "ears." I'm sure your folks had a ball!