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Monday, September 29, 2014

Mickey's Halloween Party

We are on a Disneyland streak right now.  We were there two weeks ago, we are going in another week and last Friday we were back attending Mickey's Halloween Party.  The Rossitto's took Sophie last year and told us what a blast she had that we made a point to get tickets for it these year. The girls had been talking about the Halloween Party for weeks.  Skylar especially liked mentioning it to Madden that she and Sophie were going to Mickey's Halloween Party and he wasn't.  The party didn't start until 7:00PM and we figured it would be just too late for Madden so he got to stay home with Nana and Papa, and he couldn't of been happier.

  We had planned for weeks that the girls were going to dress up as Anna and Elsa for the event, but the night before they decided on a costume change.  Jake decided to be one of those parents who dress up (see picture below) so he was getting out his pirate costume when Skylar discovered her costume from two years ago and decided she was no longer going to be Anna and wanted to be Pirate Skylar.  Sophie had mentioned to her Jess that day that she wanted to wear her pirate fairy costume so Pirates it was.

We got to the park right when we were allowed to enter and the girls were just thrilled to see each other. They were so excited walking down main street hand and hand.  We had dinner reservation over in Frontierland at the BBQ restaurant so we walked around before dinner and the girls played games and hung out with Minnie.

 During dinner the girls got to go on stage at the restaurant and participated in a dance party.

Not long after dinner the trick or treating right next to the restaurant opened up an we hit up our first trick or treat trail.

The girls can been a little tough when it comes to rides at Disney.  Skylar loves all the dark rides like Pirates, or anything in Fantasyland, while Sophie doesn't like any ride that is dark.  We were able to settle on It's a Small World for our only ride of the night.

It was finally starting to get dark and the park looked great.  The girls wanted more candy so we did the fairy trick or treat.


Right around the corner was the Monster's Dance Party which was the highlight of the night for the girls.  They hit the dance floor immediately and didn't want to stop dancing.

The girls dancing must of stood out because they were picked to participate in the Scare Contest.  They got to go on stage and be apart of Team Sully which they about died over. They had to put on their scariest faces and do their loudest scream to scare the crowd.

Here is their scary faces!

Here is their scream!

They received Scare Contest ribbons and couldn't of been prouder. Getting to go on stage at Disneyland...can you ask for anything better?  

After the contest we headed over to main street to get a prime spot for the main event, the Mickey Halloween Parade.  We had been watching YouTube videos of it for days and Skylar was so excited to watch it in person.  Lucky for the girls, Anna and Elsa made a surprise appearance and Elsa blew them a kiss.  The parade was super awesome and the girls couldn't take their eyes off of it.  They sat with the biggest smiles on their faces and waved to all the characters who came by.  

After the parade it was getting late and we knew we had to call it a night.  We got Madden a special Mickey Halloween balloon and left the park.  The girls probably could of gone longer, but we had to drive home and Skylar had a soccer game in the morning so we didn't want to push it too much.  It was the perfect kick off for October and a great way to get excited for Halloween.

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  1. This looked like so much fun for the girls AND the whole family! Wow! There were so many events and so much excitement. 'Just loved the videos. Who would have thought that Skylar would want to dress up as a pirate and not a princess? Great fun!