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Monday, October 20, 2014

Brick or Treat

Our Halloween festivities roll on with us going to Legoland for Brick or Treat with Sophie and Kael.  Skylar wanted to dress up as Cinderalla, who is her favorite princess this week.  We went to Brick or Treat last year which was very overwhelming and extremely crowded.  I remember we lost Skylar for like 30 seconds and I felt like I would never find her again because it was so crowded.  So I was pretty nervous about going again this year.  Jake and I decided he and Madden we stay home and do a Dad Date and I would just take Skylar for some one on one time.

Cinderalla, Zarina the Pirate Fairy, and Transformer Bumblebee.  We all checked into Brick or Treat and than had dinner at the Legoland Hotel before going back into the park.
We spent most of our time at the aquarium.  It was hosting Wanda's Dance Party. The place was practically emptied and the girls danced with Wanda and Jellyfish umbrellas.
Yes, that little weird jellyfish hand puppet is Wanda.
The girls participated in the choreographed dance put on by Wanda's handlers.
After getting their groove on, the kids wanted to go into the park for a ride and some more trick or treating. 
 Legoland did a great job decorating for the event and the kids loved looking at all the lights and spooky decorations.  The place ended up being pretty empty, which was great.  The kids left happy with candy and a lego set.  Brick or Treat was a total success! 

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