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Monday, October 13, 2014

Cousin Nico and Uncle Jessee's Annual Visit

This weekend was a special one because we had two awesome visitors.  Uncle Jessee and cousin Nico came down for their annual visit to San Diego and we couldn't of been happier to have them.  Jessee wanted to make this trip extra special for Nico so he surprised him by taking him to Disneyland for the first time.  Being Disney regulars lately it didn't take any convincing for us.  The kids and I went up the night before.  We did California, stayed in a hotel (which of course, the kids loved), and met up with Jake, Jessee and Nico the next morning when the gates opened.  For the first couple hours we were walking on rides.
Nico's first ever ride at Disneyland, the Jungle Cruise, which he really enjoyed.  After that we walked onto Pirates of the Caribbean, which he didn't really love.  Think the dark got to him.  He turned it around real quick and he, Jessee, Jake and Skylar did Big Thunder Mountain.  Skylar's first "real" roller coaster.  Yes, she came off with a couple tears but we were really proud of her for doing it.

The kiddos and Jake rode the carousel while Jessee, Nico and I did Mr. Toads.
Tea Cups!
It's a Small World.  Skylar's new favorite ride.  Skylar said that Nico kept asking why wasn't the ride going faster.
Meeting Minnie and Mickey.  The boys didn't want to meet Minnie.
Toontown Fun.  We did a show, which the kids loved and then ate some lunch.  Shortly after that the kids and I decided to head home so the boys could do all the bigger rides.
Nico being a HUGE Star Wars fan said that Star Tours was his favorite ride of the day.
As our family knows, Nico isn't a fan of water.  He very much dislikes water on his head and never puts his head under water when swimming.  He has definitely gotten better, but Jessee was still a little worried about taking him on Splash Mountain, but not knowing when they would be back, it was a must ride.  They said after the first big dip Nico and Uncle Jake got soaking wet.  They both looked at Nico and he had biggest smile on his face. 
 The three of them rocked Disney all day.  They said they did about 16 rides, saw 1 show, went into almost every store in Disneyland since Nico was on the hunt for a "ultimate" Disney toy to take home, and ate lots of amusement park food.  I'm so glad that we got to share this magical day with Nico and Jessee.
We kept things pretty mellow for the rest of the weekend.  Saturday we all went to Skylar's soccer game and then headed over to the Legoland Hotel.  Nico, who like most 6 year old boys loves legos so we thought it would fun to let the kids play in the lobby that is filled with legos and have lunch.
That evening we had a nice family dinner and Jake set up the projector and screen in the backyard for the kids to watch a movie.  They all agreed on Frozen and ate popsicles and popcorn.
Sunday Jake and Jessee took the kids to the beach and pool all before nap time.  They had a ton of fun, minus Madden stepping on Nico's sand castles.  We watched football together and Jake put together another great dinner for us.  Once it got a bit darker we took the kids around the neighborhood to look at all the Halloween decorations.  Uncle Jessee read books to the kids before bed and we called it a day.
It was a great visit with Jessee and Nico.  The kids played so well together and Skylar and Madden couldn't of been more thrilled to have Nico there.  It was great seeing them bond with their cousin and we can't wait for their next trip down.

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  1. What a super blog entry, Nicole! Each picture is a treasure for memories! Why didn't the boys want to meet Minnie? Ha, ha! These pictures are each so special. Good job, Skylar, on your first "roller coaster." And "hurray" for Nico on getting wet on Splash Mt. This was a perfect day for 3 cousins. I love Skylar's ears the whole time.
    Grand-ma and Grand-pa