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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Twinkle Toes

My mom told me when I was little she tried to put me into dance and I hated it.  I fought going and I don't think I lasted more than a few months.  Thank goodness Skylar love any and all activities we put her in, with dance being her absolute favorite. 

 This year we switched dance studios and are now at Carlsbad Dance Centre.  We have heard wonderful things about it and Skylar said she likes her new dance class better than her last.  They are a bit more strict at this studio than our last, so when it comes to observing we only get to watch the girls twice a year.  This morning was the first of the observation class and I definitely didn't want to to miss it.  I never get to see her dance since her class is on one of my work days so I made a point to take the morning off to be able to watch her.  She is in a tap/ballet combo class.

Strike a pose!  I definitely can see improvement from a year ago.

All smiles.  

It was such a special morning being able to see my little girl in her element and know that she doesn't have two left feet like her Mom.

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