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Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Father's Day weekend started off with Dads and Donuts in Skylar's class room.  Jake and Skylar ate donuts and she presented her Dad with a homemade tie, poem and card.

On Father's Day Sunday Jake went surfing and the kids and I made a yummy homemade breakfast for him.  Skylar cooked the sausage and eggs, while Madden cut all the fruit.  Dad said it was the best breakfast he had ever had! 

I gave him just a butter knife :-)

A couple weeks ago we made plans to go to Legoland with the Finkel's on Father's Day.  It was the Finkel's first time to so we wanted to make sure we showed them good time.  Mackenzie had a blast and didn't want to stop going on rides.  Madden went on his first roller coast and couldn't get enough of it, while Skylar was in tears.  The Dads were all smiles being able to spend such a fun day with their kids.    

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  1. Skylar and Madden made Daddy breakfast? WOW!!! I like the pictures of you all and The Finkels at Legoland. It looks like Father's Day was a great day!