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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015

Skylar and Sophie had a trial run for a sleep over by attempting to take a nap together.  No nap occurred.

16 Years of Friendship, 9 kids, 2 on the way, and still going strong!

Movie Night in the Park.  Kids got to watch Big Hero 6 and enjoy fresh popcorn and candy.

Adults Night Out celebrating Jenna's Birthday.

 Jake was Mr. Mom a lot this month. He took the day off and he and Madden hit up the Wild Animal Park.

Then he took an afternoon off and he and Skylar went to Oceanside and scootered up and down the coast and had dinner.

Madden met up with Skylar and Dad in Oceanside.

Finally convinced Skylar to take her training wheels off.  

Had a blast with Daniel and Mila at the Legoland Waterpark.

Jake and I had a quick getaway to Las Vegas.  We hung by the pool, had a nice dinner, saw a show, and gambled, all kid free.


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  3. What great pictures of the SoCal Ernest's adventures in June! I like Skylar and Sophie's "trial" sleep over---Ha, ha! Yes, the college friends have so much history together. I'm glad Jake and Nicole got time away together
    Cheers, Suzie