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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Madden and his Buddies

Recently we have been trying to give Madden some guy time.  Being the younger brother of an older sister, he ends up spending a lot of time with Sissy and her friends.  Don't get me wrong he loves playing with all of them and does a pretty good job keeping up with the big kids, but its always great to get some one on one time with him and his buddies.

A couple weekends ago Jake took Madden to Touch a Truck with Jerry and Ben.  Madden loves Ben and tells us that Ben is his best friend all the time.  Jake said the the boys had a blast.  They played inside all types of trucks and cars and even watched a helicopter land right in front of them.  It was a total dudes day.

For weeks now I have been wanting to take Madden back to the strawberries fields.  Skylar being the non fruit eater that she is I decided she didn't need to come and we would make it a play-date for Madden and his friends.  We invited Ben, Dylan and Nathan.  Madden of course made me buy two big buckets because he was going to fill one and I fill the other, but it turned into Madden eating every strawberry he picked and Mom having to fill the two massive buckets.

The boys had a blast getting all dirty and picking and eating strawberry after strawberry.  Madden and Dylan ate so many I was getting worried that they would get stomach aches, but they were fine.  Madden asked for more strawberries with his lunch when we got home. 

Lil Dudes!

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  1. I forgot that Jake and Jerry took the boys to see the trucks. I bet Madden loved it! It is fun to see Madden with the boys on the play equipment!