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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bressi Ranch Holiday Party 2015

Now who says it never snows in Southern California?!?!  This past weekend was the Bressi Ranch Holiday party which was filled with snow.  It was our last event of the year and the social committee really wanted to go all out.  We even cancelled our Fall event to expand our budget for Christmas, which turned out to be the right move.

Santa, who has been coming to Bressi for over five years, brought so much cheer for all the kids, minus one....Madden.  He refused to get near him, and with him being older and stronger I didn't want him to give Santa a right hook, so we just let it be.  Skylar on the other hand was so excited to see him.  She is so lost on what she wants for Christmas this year (as am I on what to get her), that she just told Santa she trusts him to bring her whatever he wants.  

Santa who?

Sophie and Skylar silliness.

Photo Booth antics for all the kids.

Annual Hula Hoop contest.  Skylar didn't take top prize but her hula skills have gotten so much better.

The best part of the night was the snow sledding.  The line for it was never short and kids were having a blast.

This was our first big neighborhood event since Skylar started Kindergarten.  So the amount of kids she knows in the neighborhood now has expanded 10 fold.  She was thrilled to be partying with Lucy, Parker and Liam who are all from her classroom!


To top the event off we had snow falling from the sky which really completed the event.

It was a job well done by us social committee ladies.  Excited to see what we can bring to the community in 2016.


  1. Well, it looks like the ladies of The Social Committee of Bressi Ranch have outdone themselves. The sled run and snowstorm are amazing. The kids look so happy and thrilled. I like the caption with Madden "Santa Who?" What a great Christmas event. So child centered and family oriented. "Merry Christmas" to our "alley" friends and their families at this wonderful time of year!

  2. My own kids had a great time at the Christmas party, particularly taking part in the sledding that is something that is not readily available in Southern California. I can't encourage others enough to attend this Christmas event, which is fun for the kids and really got my own family fully in the Holiday spirit.

    Wilbert Bowers @ Mirr Ranch Group