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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Madden's 4th Birthday

4 Years Old…Really!! How did this happen?!?!?  I can remember when Madden was an infant and he was so hard that I would be counting down the days until he would turn 3 months because everyone said he would get easier at 3 months, and now he is 4 years old and I would give anything to have my difficult infant back.   He is just growing up too fast!!

When Madden first turned 3 he was like a new child.  We got through the terrible 2's, and he was the most kind-hearted, sweet 3 year old boy around. Sadly, he didn’t end his 3’s as sweet as he started.  He definitely has been going through some rough patches as of late.  He is more stubborn then ever, but I can’t blame him for that since he gets it from his mama.  Behind all the stubbornness there is still that lovable little man and he continues to show it when he is with friends or at school, which are his happy places.  He loves going to preschool and is thriving there.  His teachers have nothing but praise for him and he has made some great friendships with kids in his class.  

Madden was so excited about turning 4.  The weeks and days leading up to his birthday I told him I didn't want him to turn 4 and I wanted him to stay 3 forever and he would say "I can't Mama, I'm going to keep growing so I have to turn 4."  The night before his birthday he asked me "How am I going to feel when I'm 4 Mama?"  I just told him he was going to have to wait and see.  When he woke up and we asked him how it felt to be 4, he simple stated he felt the same.  

We started Madden birthday morning off with his choice of breakfast....chocolate doughnuts.  I put nine on the plate for him and Skylar to share.  Skylar had 6 and Madden only got 3.  Luckily the birthday boy didn't seem to mind. 

I kept telling myself I wasn't going to do anything big for Madden's party this year, I was going to keep it simple since I had a large friend and family party last year, well I was all talk and it ended up being quite a big birthday bash.   All morning Madden helped me set up for his party.  He has been loving Rescue Bots so that was the theme we went with.

The cake was the best! I was so happy with how it turned out.

We invited all of Madden little buddies from both school and the neighborhood.   

Since I knew I was going to have about 10 little boys in my house I needed to come up with something to keep the busy.  I hired a race car train to come to the house and drive the kids around the neighborhood for an hour.  I didn't tell Madden because I wanted it to be a surprise when it pulled up to our house and boy was it.  The kids were so stoked!  They all piled in and the driver had music bumping and the kids cruised around, waving to anyone who past by.

Madden and his school buddy Enzo.

Mackenzie, Sophie and Skylar

Jake followed the train on his skateboard to get video.

After cruising the streets we went straight into cake.

Then to add to the sugar high we brought out the pinata for the kids.

Of course the birthday boy busted it.

Madden was so spoiled by all his friends and family.

The party didn't officially end until Madden, Skylar and Sophie closed it down by playing in the jumpy with the 8ft beach ball Papa got Madden.  

By the end of the night, Madden said it was his favorite day ever!

Happy 4th Birthday to my boy!


  1. Happy Birthday, dear Madden! Great "4 year old" birthdays can't be beat! The ride around Bressi looked like soooo much fun! We will be enjoying all of these pictures for years to come.
    Much love,
    Grand-ma and Grand-pa

  2. Oh, and we also enjoyed the videos! Great job, Madden, blowing out your birthday candles!
    Love again,
    Your Grand-ma and Grand-pa