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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Skylar's 6th Birthday

For Skylar's 6th birthday party this year we decided to make it a joint party with her best friend from school Lucy, since the girls birthdays are only a day apart.  Lucy lives in Bressi as well so her mom and I decided the pool would be the perfect place to celebrate.  After we decided on the pool we went with the Flamingo theme, which the girls approved of.  They invited all their friends from school.

Breakfast was on the meau.  Bagels, fruit, cinnamon rolls, cereal, muffin, and donuts were the spread.

Skylar and Lucy requested their own red velvet cakes.  Alongside with chocolate cupcakes for their friends.

Birthday Girls

Powder donuts were Skylar's must have!

Skylar and Olivia

Skylar, Olivia, Madeline, Lucy and Ava.  
 I feel so blessed that Skylar has made such amazing friendships with such kind-hearted girls.

Madeline with the birthday girls!

Ava and Skylar

Jake was the #1 DAD at the party.  He was the only parent in the pool and was keeping all the kids entertained.

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girls!

Madden had a blast celebrating his big sister!  The snack table was where he was seen most of the time.

The party was a huge success and the birthday girls were shown a ton of love by all their friends.  

On Skylar's actual birthday she requested a huge donut for her birthday breakfast.  The donut was devoured in about six seconds.

After celebrating her birthday in her classroom, where her whole class sang happy birthday to her and she was presented with a Birthday sticker, that evening we had the Rossitto's over to celebrate Skylar some more.  She picked her dad's fish tacos as her birthday meal and ice cream sundaes as her dessert.

We sang Happy Birthday to our girl once again.  Madden wasn't really into singing to her for the 3rd time that day.

Skylar has been begging for a pet for a while now, so welcome to the family Sunshine Ernest!  Her birthday present from Madden, Jake and I.

Her smiles brighten our souls and her laughter warms our hearts! Happy 6th Birthday to our beautiful, sweet baby girl!


  1. If this isn't the perfect "girlie" birthday, I don't know what is! I just love the flamingo theme. Really perfect for a "pool party."It is so much fun to share a birthday with a good friend. I liked the picture of Skylar with the giant pool flamingo. Of course, Jake never disappoints as the "fun" Dad. I'm so glad he has a daughter. I also just loved the birthday song with Sophie. With Madden's facial expression and "kind" (heehee) words, this video could be on AFV for sure. Fabulous birthday for our fabulous "6 year old" Granddaughter!
    Love, Grand-ma and Grand-pa

  2. Oh, and Skylar, Grand-pa and I are so happy you got a fish. I just love the name, Sunshine. We can't wait to meet her!