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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016

The kids and I headed down to Mission Beach to hang out with Dianne, Jake, Charley, and baby Wyatt.

Skylar subbed in at one of Madden's T-Ball practices.  She rocked in, in dress and all.

Jess was sweet enough to take the kids to the Legoland water park for the afternoon.

Being goofy with our new nanny Rochelle.

Going down the waterslides at Bressipalozza.

We were so lucky to be able to go to Legoland with the Stevens to celebrate Linc turning 6 years old.  The kids had a great time together.

Rochelle took the kids miniature golfing which is their new favorite thing.

Skylar is loving her tap/jazz dance class.

Baking a sweet treat to celebrate the school year starting.

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  1. We love these pictures! Happiness in so many ways! I like the "legs" in the tap and jazz class. And Skylar and Madden in "heart" sunglasses are so cute.
    Grand-ma and Grand-pa