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Monday, October 17, 2016

Presidents Club Trip

I couldn't been more proud of Jake and everything he accomplished last year for work.  He hit so many sales goals that lucky for us his company paid for 3 trips for us this year alone.  Presidents Club, of course being the most important was a goal that Jake hit really early in the year.  When it was announced that the trip would be taking place in San Francisco/Napa, I must admit I was a little bummed seeing that we live in California, and we had just been up to Napa in February, but I just had to remind myself it's a free/kid free trip.  

The company put us up at the Fairmont in Union Square, which was beautiful.  On the first night they set up a really nice happy hour in the world famous Tonga Room located in the hotel, and then we took a party bus to a restaurant where we had a private room and ate a fabulous meal.

(Suzie: the picture with the Tony Bennett statue is for you)

The next day was the all day wine tour of Napa.  For those who know me, you know that I don't drink, so the tour wasn't quite my cup of tea, but I must admit I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery of each winery.

I loved that each winery was decorated for Fall.  Pumpkins were everywhere.  We went to 3 different wineries.  The last one we went too was definitely my favorite as we were able to walk through the wine cave and the view was everything you think Napa should be.

 I'm practically an expert on wine now and think I'm pretty good on Napa for a couple years.

After the longest bus ride back into the city, we met up with Clint and Dallas for dinner and drinks.  I headed back home the next morning and Jake stayed one more extra night to zip line with his co-workers.  

I feel so lucky that Jake is working for such a great company, who really take care of their employees. 

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  1. What a wonderful trip for Jake and the Company, in my favorite city. Thanks for the picture with Tony Bennett. Lovely Napa vineyards and California scenery. I'm glad you got to go Zip lining, Jake! It looked like you both had a relaxing and enjoyable time.