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Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Holiday Card

For this years Holiday Card I wanted to do something different and funny.  Having done some research I came up with our idea, ordered the backdrop, and made our photo reservation at JC Penny's Portraits. Yes...JC Penny's.  

I was so thrilled that the kids were a go for the picture.  They didn't argue about their outfits and Skylar even asked to wear the bandana which totally made her outfit even better.  Taking the pictures turned into a bit of a mess.  First we looked crazy rolling into JC Penny's with a lineup backdrop, a bat, and a bottle of champagne.  The first photographer they gave us couldn't figure out how to hang the backdrop.  Which enraged Jake...haha! He was getting so upset, refused to take the pictures, and demanded that we leave.  

Once I calmed him down a bit and convinced him we are here, lets just see how they turn out, I ended up popping the champagne which spilled all over their studio.  Needless to say were were a bit of a mess.  We cleaned up the studio with tissue, and started finally taking pictures.  The kids rocked it.  We had to keep reminding Madden not to smile, to be tough!!  We did one round of pictures and got some so-so ones.  I think the Manager could tell we put a lot of work into our idea and was sweet enough to put us in another studio where we were able to hang the backdrop and get what I believe was our best Holiday Card to date (even if we are only 5 feet in it). 

2016 Holiday Card

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  1. Oh my gosh! Such a great idea! These "holiday" pictures will be very hard to top!
    Grand-ma and Grand-pa