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Monday, December 19, 2016

San Francisco Girls Weekend

This holiday season I wanted to do something special with my girl.  So San Francisco we went!  The last time I was in the city during the holidays was when I was about 4 months pregnant with Skylar so a trip was definitely overdue.  This trip was all about the ladies as my Mom, Suzie, Sherry, and Great-Grandma Mary joined in on the fun.

The first day we hit the street for some holiday shopping.  Skylar was a trooper and did a lot of walking.  We did H&M, Macys, Nordstroms and even hit up Union Square.

Cable Car Fun!

That afternoon we had high tea at the Palace Hotel.  The hotel was so pretty and the food and apps were delicious.  It was definitely a must do during the holiday season.

That night we had a lovely dinner and ventured up to Union Square to see it all lite up.  We also check out the St. Francis' lobby that had amazing holiday cake castles in it. When we got back to our hotel we went to the highs floor of the hotel and saw the incredible view while having dessert and a night cap.

The next morning the rain rolled in.  Suzie and Sherry stayed back with Great Grandma Mary while, my Mom, Skylar and I headed over to Union Square for ice skating.  With it raining, Skylar refused to ice skate with me, which bummed me out.  

I had a blast and could of skated for hours, but the rain really started to come down so I came off the ice.  We headed over to Macys to check out Santa's workshop and do some more shopping.  We had lunch and then took Skylar back to the hotel for a nap before the Ballet.

After dinner we all piled into an Uber and headed to the opera house for the Nutcracker.  The Opera House was simple gorgeous with all the holiday decorations.  I didn't think I would enjoy the ballet as much as I did.  Parts of the show were just breathtaking and we all really enjoyed every moment of it. 

The trip was completely perfect and it was so fun being a tourist in the city during the holiday season.  My Mom and I said we wouldn't of changed a thing. I really hope to make this a holiday tradition for Skylar and I.


  1. These pictures truly make the City look so festive and beautiful! I had such a wonderful time. I love the pictures of all of us around the Christmas tree in Union Square and at The Palace. Of course, I love Skylar walking down the street with the City all around her. And Skylar walking in the rain with the umbrella is precious. Thank you for posting these great pictures, Nicole
    Love, Grand-ma

  2. Oh, and Skylar on the cable car is so cute!