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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Moms & Muffins

I love starting my Mother's Day weekend off by celebrating Moms & Muffins at preschool.  This one was extra special/hard seeing that it is my last one ever.  

Madden made me a beautiful flower on a stem, a corsage and a painted picture frame.  

During breakfast all the kids sang this adorable "Mommy" song that brought tears to my eyes.  Since then Madden has been singing it to me ever night.  

The kids also had a little trick up their sleeves as they made all the mom gets up and do their favorite dance.....the chicken dance.  

Madden, Carter, Zachary, and Cruz.

Us Moms are really lucky to have these kiddos love us the way they do.

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  1. Good bye to Redeemer Pre-School. I like the Mother's Day gifts. And Madden looks so happy with all of his friends. A song like that is sure to bring a tear to any Mom's eyes.