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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Skylar's Dance Recital 2017

This year has really been a exciting year for Skylar and her dancing.  First off we were able to get her in the same class as Sophie, something has as wanted for a couple years now.  I think being in class with her friends definitely helped her a bigger appreciation for dance.  She also requested we added another class to her weekly schedule so we put her back into ballet after a year off.  She spent more hours at the dance studio than ever and I must say she never complained once about going.  Even at night when we would ask her about her favorite parts of the day, dance was always one of them.  

With Recital Weekend finally arriving we all couldn't be more excited to see all of Skylar's hard work on stage.  This year she was going to be performing in four different dances, meaning she was going to be on stage ten times over the weekend.  

Ballet - Swan Lake

Ballerina Beauties.

Jazz - Jump for my Love

Tap - Eye of the Tiger

The girls had the best support system this weekend by having the best grandparents cheering them on.  My Dad got us an RV so we BBQ all weekend long in between each of the girls dances.  Made the weekend extra special.

Mary Poppins was the theme for this years Father/Daughter dance.   Jake and Skylar shined this year and even got themselves a small solo part.  

Madden was the best supporting little brother.  He sat through three shows (did fall asleep during one), and was always the loudest one cheering his sister on.

We were even lucky enough to get Aunt Sherry down for the weekend.  

Ms. Kaitlyn, the girl's Jazz instructor.

Backstage with the Room 3 Crew.  

Skylar, Savannah, Sophie and Mabel.  

There is nothing better than seeing the joy on Skylars face that dance brings her.  When we are backstage and her number is called the smile is priceless.  I can't wait to see what this next year with dance brings our little girl.

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  1. What a wonderful weekend of dance, family and good friends. Each picture is a memory not soon forgotten. Madden was the best little brother and cheering section. And Skylar Grace, YOU are becoming a poised and sassy dancer. Jake, of course, nailed it! Good job, Moms, for organizing a wonderful and very full weekend. I will be enjoying these pictures many times!
    Suzie and Paul