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Friday, June 16, 2017

Last Day of First Grade

Well another year of school is in the books for Skylar.  1st Grade was really a ease for our girl.  She absolutely loved her teacher and her classmates.  I was a little nervous about the combo class, but she did fantastic in it, she made a ton of new friends, her reading and writing is beyond stellar and she conquered all three sets of the monkey bars.

Lucy, Skylar and Katie.

Two years in a row as classmates.  I'm hoping they will all be together in 2nd grade.

Lucy, Liam, and Skylar.

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  1. Skylar looks so happy with her friends. It seems like I was just walking to Kindergarten with her and Liam. She started 1st grade with no front teeth and ended it with beautiful ones.
    Love, Grand-ma