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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Safari Park Field Trip

After attending Madden's first field trip a couple weeks ago, I was really excited about being able to join Skylar on her second field trip of the year.  All the first graders from school headed to the Safari Park for the day.  In my group I had Skylar, Lucy (Skylar's BFF), and their classmate Alexis.

When we arrived the girls wanted to join the rest of the first grade girls from their class so we hung together all day.

We took the tram around the park seeing rhinos, giraffes, elephants, tigers, and gorillas.

Adriana and Skylar.

Skylar, Lucy and Katie.

We had a couple whinny moments, couple tears, and some begging for ice cream, but that is to be expected.  In the end the girls did really well, had a great time together and it was really special for me to see Skylar interact with all her classmates.

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  1. Great pictures of the Safari Park. I like the picture of the whole group together. Skylar with that goofy smile with her friends is cute. It looked really hot! No wonder the girls wanted ice cream! Ha, ha! I also liked the picture of the boys. Was that Madden on the top?