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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oceanside Pier

This past weekend we decided to make a visit down to the Oceanside Pier and grab some lunch.  It was a pretty overcast day so when we were looking for parking we were surprised on how crowded it was.  Once we parked and walked over to the pier we discovered that the Annual Longboard Competition was being held.  There was live music, tons of stands with food, toys, art, and clothing.  Skylar had her first taste of kettle corn which she was a big fan of.  After walking through all the different stands we headed up to the pier to get a better view of the surfing and let Skylar roam around.  What started out to be just a simple lunch turned into a really nice family outing.


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  1. These pix are wonderful. They remind us of the Northern California coast. They are so wistful.