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Monday, August 1, 2011

Swim Class

Skylar recently started swim class at the local swim school and she loves it.  The first two weeks she was a little intimidated but she has improved so much since then that they are already talking about moving her up to the intermediate class.  We always arrived about 10 minutes early so Skylar can warm up and play in the open pool before class begins.

Our instructor is Bri, who Skylar has really started warming up too.  She always gives Skylar High-Fives after she does something well.  Skylar's favorite part of class is when she does "Humpy Dumpy" and gets to jump in the water off the ledge.

She also doesn't mind going under the water.  Its pretty cute because when I say "1, 2, 3, Under" she always opens her mouth before I dunk her, so we are working on that.

The only part of class that Skylar isn't a fan of is when she has to float on her back.  It's the one thing she has to improve on before she can move up to the intermidate class.

The last few minutes of class is all the kids favorite because Bri brings out the big Choo Choo Train for them to walk across and jump into the water. 

I really love that Skylar likes the water.  I think it was all the swimming I did while pregnant with her.  It's totally in her genes. 

1 comment:

  1. What cute ideas for toddler swim class.
    Good thing she is going to like swimming so she can wear all those cute swim suits.
    I wish I could watch her do "the Humpty-Dumpty."
    Love, Suzie