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Monday, August 22, 2011

Swami's & Meditation Gardens

Even with Skylar being a big grumps on Saturday afternoon, we still wanted to get out for a few hours.  We decided to stop by Swami's in Encinitas to walk around and take in the beautiful ocean view.  When we got there Skylar was still in her bad mood and only wanted Mom to hold her.  The only thing that made her happy was playing with Dad's sunglasses and her little red cup.  Enjoying the view wasn't something Skylar was finding very interesting. 

There was a massive tiki head on the grounds which Skylar thought was pretty funny. 

We just happened to stumble upon the Meditation Gardens as we were walking back to our car and saw a good amount of people walking up this hill and turning into something.  The gardens were just stunning. They sit on top of the cliffs overlooking the ocean and has such beautiful landscape.  Skylar found the fish pond and was immediately drawn to it.  The koi fish in the pond were huge and one looked like it could eat Skylar.  Unfortunately we kind of dropped the ball on taking photos while we were there and only got a few.  We were glad that Skylar got over her grumpy mood and allowed us to enjoy the rest of our family outing.

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful spot for relaxing.
    Every public place should have a Koi pond. Fish always calm children. I wish Skylar could remember ALL of these wonderful activities you are sharing with her. She is so lucky to have such great parents who are young yet understand the importance of family time together.
    Love, Suzie