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Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day - 2012

This year for Father's Day I knew exactly what to get Jake.  Since Madden was born he hasn't had the chance to play golf and I knew he was dying to play so the kids and I decided to get him a round of golf at the Crossing Golf Course in Carlsbad for him and a friend.  When I booked the round I just made sure that it was for later in the morning so we could at least all have breakfast together and celebrate the day.  That morning we had blueberry waffles and Skylar and Jake played all around the house before it was time for Dad to make his tee time.  Sadly, Madden was sleeping most the morning so he missed out on the waffles, but did wake up in time to spend some time with his Dad before he left for the day.  

I have to say I feel like one lucky Mom knowing what an amazing and special Dad my two kids get to have in their life.   Thanks for being the best Father in the world Jake, we love you with all of our hearts.

Skylar giving her Dad a HOORAY send off before he left for the course.

Madden just relaxing and waiting for his Dad to come home.

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