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Sunday, June 3, 2012

1 Month Down

So I'm glad to say that we survived our first month with two kids.  It hasn't been easy by far and I will admit I have had a couple breakdowns, but we are taking everything day by day.  Madden and Skylar were definitely different personalities as infants.  Madden is extremely needy, cries a lot and just constantly wants to be held, while Skylar didn't cry as much and didn't need the constant touch of someone.  He isn't a fan of the infant swing at all, which was something that Skylar lived in.  He loves to sleep on his tummy, it's practically the only way he does sleep, while Skylar would pass out on her back no problem.

They do have some similarities as they are/were great nursing babies.  Madden is a tank! At his 1 month appointment he weighed in at 11 pounds 23 inches.  I already have him wearing some 3 month outfits.  My little man just loves to eat.  Skylar was a really good night sleeper and so is Madden, he is getting up an average of two times a night and usually goes right back to sleep after he feeds.

He is usually the happiest when lying on your chest.  Jake and I are pretty amazed on how well he is already lifting his head.  I'm still trying to figure out if he hates the stroller.  I have had a couple good experiences with him in it, but lately at Stroller Strides he has turned into a terror and screams his head off the whole time.

Skylar loves being a big sister.  The first day we brought Madden home from the hospital she was a little unruly, which was to be expect, but since then it's nothing but love for Madden.  She is always asking where Madden is when she first wakes up.  She now wants to get her diaper changed all the time because she see's us changing Madden's diaper.  When he is screaming crying (which happens a lot) she will try to help "sssshhhh" him to sleep.  She has become Mom's little helper and will throw his diapers away or grab me his blanket when I need it.  When he is napping she always wants us to wake him up so he can play with her.  It has been really amazing watching her take on the big sister role, and trust me she lets you know as he likes to say "I'm a big sister!"

It has been an adjustment and we have our good days and bad, but we couldn't be happier with our family of 4 (and its for sure going to stay 4).  I know in a few months all the hard days we have had will long be forgotten and it's going to get easier.

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  1. Nicole, this is such a sweet and honest entry. I enjoyed reading it very much; and it brought back memories of when Jake, Jessee and Arielle were young. These pix are lovely. Madden is showing he is as photogenic as Skylar. But with you and Jake as parents how could they miss.
    Thank you for these precious pix.
    Love, Suzie