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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Madden's Two Months Stats

I'm glad to say I think we made it through the woods and are in the clear with our little guy.  I must admit those first 6 weeks with him were not very easy but now that he is a bit older and bigger he is honestly a very happy little boy.  He of course still cries, but now its really only when he is tired not the whole day like it was those first few weeks.  His baby acne has cleared up and he is just cute beyond words (he was still cute with the acne, but you know what I mean).  His little smile just melts my heart!

He continues to be in the 90th percentile for height and weight coming in at a solid 13 1/2 pounds and 24 inches long.

Here is both Skylar and Madden right at 2 months of age.

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  1. I love this side by side pix of Skylar and Madden. She looks so feminine and Madden is all boy. He is definitely Jake's son with that winning smile!
    Love, Suzie