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Monday, June 25, 2012

More Fun with CJ

Summer is here and Skylar and CJ are definitely ready for it.  They couldn't get enough of each other over the weekend.  First we went over to CJ's house and had a early birthday celebration for her as her birthday is in a week and she will be in Maui for it.  They were both covered in water after playing together for only 2 minutes, as you can see Skylar is shirtless and CJ had to put her pajamas on all before dinner was served.  Either of them really ate much for dinner but of course decided to finish 2 cupcakes each.  When it was time to leave to no ones surprise Skylar had a breakdown and cried the whole way home.  She just hates having to leave her best friend.

The next day Jake blew up Skylar's pool and the girls had a blast flying into the pool from the slide.  I think they each went down for an hour straight, taking turns and sometimes plowing into each other, while loving every minute of it.  It wasn't until they both were getting goosebumps that we had to bring them into the house.  Then later that evening after dinner CJ stop by again and the girls ran around for about 30 minutes until it was Skylar's bath time.  Watching these two together always puts such a smile on my face!!

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  1. Hurray for summer fun, at last! There is nothing like a slide and blow up pool in your own backyard! It brings back so many memories of Sherry and I swimming in our wonderful backyard in Burlingame when we were little.
    Those happy smiles say it all!
    Love, Suzie