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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Little Fish

Recently, after close to 9 months, Skylar was moved up to the advanced swim class.  I must admit, during a short period of time when she was in the intermediate class I thought we were never going to get moved up.  All of the kids Skylar had been going to class with for months were getting moved up because they were conquering the 10 second back float, while Skylar just couldn't quite make the full 10 seconds.  Luckily not too long after her last friend got moved up, Skylar passed the test and was propelled to the advanced class.  I was so proud of her!!!  Skylar just loves her swim class.  Whenever we tell her its time for swim, she runs up to her room and starts throwing out all her swimsuits trying to decide which one she wants to wear to class.  The first few advanced classes were tough, but now she is just cruising along in class and making new strides every session.  Her favorite thing to do is to hang onto the wall and dunk her head into the water and come back up.  It's so nice having her not fear the water and I love seeing her just enjoy every second while she is in it.  Next step....one on one class!!

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  1. It was so much fun to watch Skylar at "swimming lessons." She loves the water. She always comes up from under water with a BIG smile. And she really does what the teacher tells her!
    I hope she doesn't like surfing this much!
    Love, Grammie