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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Skylar's 2nd Birthday - Parts I-III

I can hardly believe that my little girl is now 2 years old.  Talk about time flying by.  We have done so much in her short life and she has just been such a trooper during all of it.  This year since we weren't sure when Madden was going to arrive I didn't want to plan a big birthday bash like we did last year for her, so we decided to just keep things simple with a few small birthday celebrations.

Skylar was very cute on her birthday she would keep saying "My Birthday, My Birthday" making sure that everyone knew who the birthday girl was.  On her actual birthday we decided to just give her a few small presents and a little cupcake.  It's so cute now that she is at the age to understand what presents are and watch her rip them open.

She got a pair of swim goggles, coloring books and a bunch of plastic foods for her kitchen and shopping cart.

Celebration #2 took place at my parents house on Mother's Day.  It was the perfect time for the rest of my family to meet Madden, celebrate Mother's Day, and have a small party for Skylar.  I decided to get some cute desserts and a smash cake for her.  We didn't want her to eat the entire cake so we made sure she shared it.  She got a few gifts like clothes and books, but her favorite was the bowling set she got from Great Grandpa.

Her 3rd and final celebration for her birthday took place last weekend.  Jake's parents drove down to meet Madden so we took that as another opportunity for a small party for Skylar by having my parents come down too and us all going out to dinner.  We walked up to our local restaurant Tommy V's and had a nice dinner on the patio.  Skylar had her new favorite.....pizza.  She had be asking for pizza for dinner all week long, so we finally let her have some.  The restaurant even gave her a bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup on top.  Of course, it only took one spoonful of the ice cream for the chocolate syrup to end up on her shirt.

I had Jake run home and set up all of Skylar's presents so when she walked into the house she would be surprised.  She refused to leave the restaurant and wanted to keep eating her melted ice cream until I told her she had to go home and open up presents and she practically jumped out of her seat, so I kind of ruined the surprise.

Skylar received a ton of great gifts from everyone.  Jake and I got her the Mustang, Grandma and Grandpa got her a waterpark, and Nana and Papa got her table and chairs and a art easel.  It may have lasted 3 weeks with 3 different celebrations but Skylar's 2nd Birthday was a success and I don't think she could of asked for anything more.  Much thanks to everyone who thought of her on her birthday and joined in on the celebrations.


  1. super cute pictures! having 3 birthady celebrations sure beats having one big bash! loved the pictures!

  2. Skylar is one lucky girl! We loved the pix of Skylar with her cupcake, the one of the 3 of you at your folks, and the one of Skylar running in to see her gifts at your house. It IS hard to believe she is 2. Now, she is a BIG SISTER.
    Much love, Grammie and Grand-pa