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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our family is now complete!

On Sunday our adorable Madden James made his entrance into the world and we couldn't be happier or more in love!  Madden's due date was May 4th 2012, but luckily my doctor was kind enough to induce me 5 days early.  I would come to find out that this was definitely a blessing... 

Jake and I checked into the hospital at 7:00 am.  We were pretty surprised that I made it through the night, as I had worked out the morning before and started having contractions that continued into the night.  My parents, Matthew, and Erin all came down on Sunday to watch Skylar and wait for Madden to arrive.  Everyone was telling me how fast your second labor goes so I was really excited to get the show on the road and meet our little guy.  When we got to the hospital I checked in at 4 cm and about 70% effaced.  By 11:30 am my doctor broke my water and by 1:00 pm I was fully dilated and having massive contractions.  I had gotten the epidural earlier in the morning.  However, since I was moving along so fast I could still feel the contractions coming on strong.  By 1:19 pm I started pushing and by 1:29 pm Madden was here.  He was perfect in every way!  Right when he arrived my doctor, the nurse and even Jake were shocked on how big he looked.  They all were surprised that I had carried such a big baby, which back to my earlier note is why I was so grateful my doctor induced me because if I would of went full term he very well could of been over 9 pounds. 

Madden James Ernest
8 Pounds 11 Ounces
20 1/2 Inches in Length
April 29, 2012 
1:29 PM 

By the afternoon the three of us were in the recovery room where my parents, Matthew and Erin brought Skylar to the hospital to meet her baby brother.  Madden got Skylar a little present to show her how much he loves her.  She was pretty intimated and I think a bit confused by him as she didn't care to be in the room visiting with him and preferred running laps through the halls and entertaining the nursing staff.  When we asked if she liked "baby bro" she exclaimed "no!"  I'm sure he'll grow on her.

With Madden finally being here it really makes me feel like our family is complete.  We couldn't have asked for a healthier and more beautiful baby boy.  The love we feel for him is endless and we can't wait to see him grow and change in the next few weeks and months to come.  Sometimes we questioned how we could love someone as much as our first child, it is surprisingly comforting to realize that it is possible.

Here is our very first family photo!


  1. He is beautiful!!! and BIG!! wow!!! Congratulations!!! Love your blog and pictures. I really want to meet him.

  2. We can't wait to hold our new Grandson. He looks so peaceful....except for the pix of you and Jake kissing him.
    Much love to our SoCal Ernests. We are all so happy for you.
    Ah, 10 fingers and 10 toes! None of us will ever take that blessing for granted again!
    Love, Grand-ma and Grand-pa