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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Madden's Newborn Photos

I have to admit I was very excited to have newborn photos taken of Madden.  I didn't do them with Skylar, which to this day I still regret, so I was looking forward to seeing how our little man's turned out.  We have found the most amazing photographer who I hope I will get to use for all our future photo shoots.  Her name is Stephanie and I have actual known her for awhile.  She is Darci's sister-in-law and when I saw the great newborn photos she took of Logan I had to ask her if she would take Madden's.  Madden and I went over to Stephanie's house, which lucky for us, she lives in our neighborhood so we were able to just walk over.  Madden was about 6 days old when we took the pictures, which made me kind of nervous because he was such a crier I was worried he wouldn't cooperate.  Lucky for me, Stephanie was such a natural she knew just want to do to make him sleepy and comfortable.  I totally let Stephanie take free regin of the shoot as I knew I would love whatever she did.

My only request for Stephanie was that Madden wear the little aviator knit cap that I purchased for him. 

(The one below is my favorite, how cute is that face)

Stephanie really want to do some naked ones, which I was worried about because I didn't want him to 1) wake up and 2) poop all over Stephanie's props, but Stephanie insisted, which I'm glad she did because they turned out so cute.  And, lucky for us, he didn't even poop.

I was so pleased with how his photos turned out and what an amazing job Stephanie did, I couldn't ask for anything more.

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