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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Craving Fun

This weekend we started vamping up for Halloween.  Jake finished up his home made costume, we attended a Halloween party for the kids, and we carved our pumpkins.  We didn't want to start carving until later in the afternoon, but Skylar just couldn't wait and decided to color her pumpkin first thing in the morning.  We kept telling her to color all over the pumpkin, but being the stubborn girl she is, she refused and only colored in the same spot with different colors.

Last year I remember Skylar was really interested in watching Jake and I carve our pumpkins.  I was feeling guilty that we started carving while she was napping, so I went and woke her up so she could participant.  You would think by now I would know not to wake her up from a nap.  As she wasn't in the mood to carve pumpkins with us and really didn't have any interest.  She even got very upset with me when I was showing her all the pumpkin guts.  Bad call by Mom!!  

Jake is an amazing pumpkin carver and being the great Dad he is, he did Skylar's favorite cartoon character at the moment...Dora the Explorer.  I on the other hand ended up having trouble with my pumpkin and carved out the wrong parts so it didn't quite turn out like it should have.  Thank goodness when we lite it up, it didn't look quite as bad.

(My child refuses to wear a shirt sometimes)

We are really excited for Halloween tomorrow, as we are going to have a ton of family in town and our neighborhood is just insane with trick or treaters.


  1. first things first.... skylar's hair is soo long now!!! why did you wake her up????? she does NOT look happy in picture 4. hehehe...
    Lastly, the carving is amazing!! I need to take Jake our pumpkins.. lol...

  2. These are cute "pumpkin carving" pix. Skylar looked so proud of her creativity with the felt pens.
    Jake's "Dora" pumpkin was amazing!
    Love, Suzie