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Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Patch - 2012

After going to Bates Nut Farm last year, we wanted to start a family tradition and go every year.  Last year we went on the weekend, later in the month, and it was just insane.  The lines for the kid activities were extremely long and even getting a wheelbarrow to pick pumpkins was nearly impossible.  So this year, Jake and I decided that going during the week would be best so Skylar would be able to experience all the Farm has to offer.

We arrived early afternoon on Friday and decided to bring sandwiches and enjoy lunch before we started roaming around.  Skylar was too anxious to eat and just wanted to get tickets to ride the ponies.  She picked out a pony named Cowboy to ride and she couldn't of been more excited.  She looked so cute and had the biggest smile on her face while riding Cowboy.  At one point she wanted Madden to walk around with her and her pony.  Since there was barely a line for the ponies the handlers gave the kids a extra long ride.  I was starting to get dizzy going in so many circles, but of course, Skylar could ride forever!

Next stop was the petting zoo.  Skylar was definitely a little more timid with the animals and didn't really want to pet any of them.  She would only touch the little bunny that Jake was held for her.  She enjoyed just staying close to Dad and looking at the animals from a comfortable distance.  Madden was having a great time in Papa's arms watching his sister admire all the animals.

Not only was there a small designated petting area, they also have huge pens with Llamas, ducks, chickens, pigs and goats that you can feed.  Thank goodness my Dad had a handful of quarters because Skylar loved feeding the goats.  She was nervous at first but once Jake had her put her hand out there, she loved it.  She keep asking for more coins to get popcorn kernels to feed the goats.  Madden even loved getting up close and personal with them... He wanted to grab their noses.  Skylar did not want to leave the feeding area, so we made sure before we left the farm to give her one more quarter to feed the animals.

After playing with all the animals and making a pit stop to the nut shop, we figured it was time to start picking out pumpkins.  We easily got two wheelbarrows and started loading them up.  We roamed around the field looking for a "Big Mac" Pumpkin to take home. Meanwhile, Skylar searched for the two pumpkins, one for her and the other one to take home to CJ (her best friend).  We tried to get Madden down for the perfect pumpkin picture but he was starting to get fussy and was not having it.  Fifteen pumpkins and $93.00 dollars later we had enough pumpkins to decorate our entire front porch.

Before we left it was family photo time at the Bates Nut cut out picture stand.  My Dad hid behind the photo stand and held Madden in his spot and Skylar stood on top of a haystack while my Mom took the picture.  I love now that we can fill in all four holes.   I'm excited to take this picture every year, to see how much different it looks as the kids grow.  Skylar requested one last pony ride, which we allowed, but she of course had a break down when we told her she couldn't ride it for the third time and she left crying.   I think we made a great decision to go during the week so Skylar and Madden could experience Bates Nut Farm to the fullest!

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  1. These are great pictures! I love the pix of Skylar on Cowboy! And the pix of Skylar and Madden feeding the goat is so cute. "15" Pumpkins! I agree that you can never have too many pumpkins in October! "Skylar, did you like petting all the animals?"
    The pix of you four as The Bates Family is just great! What a wonderful day!
    Love, Grand-ma and Grand-pa