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Monday, October 8, 2012

Skylar's 1st Dentist Appointment

I decided now that Skylar is almost two and a half, it was time to take her to the dentist.  She loves to brush her teeth at night and always wants "BIG" toothpaste on her brush.  Her brushing skills have improved a lot.  When she first started, it was mostly just chewing on her toothbrush, but now she brushes them herself and then allows us to finish the job.  

A girlfriend gave me a recommendation for a great pediatric dentist nearby so I set up the appointment.  Jake has been the better parent when it comes to teeth cleaning so he wanted to be there to make sure her teeth were in tip top shape.  

The dental assistant was great!! First she sat with Skylar and showed her all the utensils she was going to use and let Skylar touch them.  Skylar was having so much fun touching all the parts and was giggling with the assistant.

When it was time to start the cleaning, Skylar put on headphones and watched cartoons from the TV on the ceiling.  She picked out the chocolate toothpaste, but when she started cleaning, she developed this disgusted looked on her face.  They switched to strawberry and that was much better.  Skylar did perfect with the cleaning and seemed to enjoy it.  After the cleaning, she got her teeth flossed and even had fluoride treatment.

Skylar came out of the appointment with an excellent review on her teeth.  They told us that she was has one last molar that is making its way in.  The dentist is a success when you leave with two stickers and a princess wand!

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  1. You did a great job at the dentist's office for your "First" visit, Skylar. You were very brave.
    Your dentist looks very nice and friendly.
    Keep up the good brushing!
    Love, Grand-ma and Grand-pa