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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Annual Bressi Ranch Turkey Trot

Ready, Set, Go!!  Yes the Annual Bressi Ranch Turkey Trot was in full effect this year.  I was really excited for it.  Being my competitive self, I was determined to that we be the first stroller to cross the finished line.  The girls were also very excited for their 200 yard dash.  Jess put together adorable Indian head dresses for the girls to wear during the race.

This is Skylar carbing up before her big race!

The family who puts this on every year put on a 200 yard dash for 5 and unders.  Then a 1 mile run for 6-10 year olds, and the 5K race for the rest.  

Here is coach stretching all the kids out before the big 200 yard dash.  

Take your marks! Get Set! GO!!!!!!

If you can't tell by the smiles on their faces, the girls had a blast.  They both game in first place in our hearts! 

The girls had so much fun doing their race, that they even chased after all the older kids racing in their 1 mile run.

For the 5K, Sophie and Skylar wanted to be together so Jess took Madden on the 5K and Jake pushed the girls in our double stroller.  For the 5K race you have to run the neighborhood loop 4 times.  The girls were our little cheerleaders, cheering us on and anyone running near us.  Jake kicked butt pushing those two girls the whole time.  With them and the stroller its about 100 pounds.  Thanks to our cheer squad we were the first stroller to cross the finish line.  Another successful Turkey Trot under our belt.

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  1. We are so proud of Nicole and Jake being the first couple with a stroller to reach the finish line. It looks like the girls had a blast in their run! How could they run when they were both laughing so much?! I love the head bands. Happy Thanksgiving!