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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tiny Dancer

This week was a special week for me.  Since I work part time I'm not able to see Skylar participate in dance or gymnastics, which breaks my heart.  At her dance studio on the first Monday of every month the parents are allowed into the studio to watch the girls.  Toni would send me pictures and videos from those days and it was so nice to see how much Skylar enjoyed class.  I finally built up enough PTO at work and decided to take the morning off to go watch her.  

During dance class they do Tap and Ballet.  Ms. Jenny, their instructor is so sweet and patient with the girls.  

They play little games in class in between the learning parts.

  Ms. Jenny teaches the girls all the technical words for each dance move, but then also gives it a name that they will know...i.e. making ice cream cones.

The girls recital isn't until June, but I feel like I'm already counting down the days.  

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  1. Skylar is REALLY good because she watches and listens to her teacher. She tries to do each step just right. She is usually the first one at the barre; and is very good at the leaps and pointe. She always has a straight leg. I am so glad I got a chance to watch her at one of her lessons. She has fun!
    Love, Grand-ma