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Monday, December 30, 2013

Family Photo Session

For our annual Christmas card I wanted it to be all about the kids.  I wasn't even planning on putting any pictures of Jake and I on it, but after I got the photos back I was so happy with so many of the photos I had a hard time picking just one.  

We took the photos very early in the morning, because usually that is when the kids are on their best behavior.   I had a vision for exactly what I wanted, but like usual, working with toddlers never goes as you hope.  Madden was a complete mess after the first three pictures.  He was crying, refused to sit and take a picture with his sister.  He needed to have Jake or I holding him, which was ruining my vision of a holiday card with just the kids.  Thankfully our photographer is awesome and we just let the kids roam around and play and that is when we got our best shots.  

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  1. What beautiful pictures and such a lovely setting! Every one looks so happy!
    Much love,
    Grand-ma and Grand-pa