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Monday, December 16, 2013

Random Holiday Fun

This holiday season has been such a busy one.  On average we/I have had at least one holiday party and one cookie or ornament party each week and we still have another week until Christmas.  I really can't complaint that much because it has been a ton of fun.  I wanted to post a couple of pictures of things we have been doing all month.  

Knowing how busy our weekends were we decided to get our tree early in the month.  We ended up getting a tree with the biggest trunk ever and Jake ended up at Lowes buying a new tree stand and having to pull out his saws to make it fit.  Skylar couldn't of been more excited to decorate this year.  She of course put her baby ornaments front and center, but did a good job distributing all the other ornaments around the whole tree. I was dreading dealing with Madden and the tree ornaments but to my surprise he has been really good and only broke one ornament so far.    

Other community hosted a meet and greet with Santa and Ms. Claus.  

Then the next day the neighborhood shopping center put on a holiday event as well.  Each store had different activities for kids to do and also had Santa and Ms. Claus.  There was cookie decorating at Luna Grill, spin the wheel to win a prize at Rubios, glitter hair pray at Blo, clay ornament making at the local baby boutique, and a ton more.  Sadly for us, it was raining so it was hard to do them all but we at least were able to see Santa.  Skylar was a bit confused on why Santa and Ms. Claus looked different from the night before. 

Taking fun pictures with Dad!

Jake has a small obsession with Ugly Christmas Sweaters. 

A fun family night at the Encinitas Botanical Gardens.  

Skylar loved the snow.  She rode on the sled at least 10 times.  Madden on the other hand wanted nothing to do with the snow...he didn't even want to walk near it.

Pajama Ornament Exchange with the girls and Holiday Party Fun with friends!


Last night our neighborhood had such a special treat when the Carlsbad Fire Dept. did a mini parade up and down the streets.  There was Santa, music and candy canes for all.  It was really fun and as you can imagine the kids were in heaven.


  1. Now that the holiday season is over I can enjoy these pictures. I love the pictures of Jake and Skylar and Madden in front of the Christmas tree. The house looks so warm and cozy!
    I love the red pajamas!

  2. Oops, I forgot to mention ow cute the kidslooked in the "ugly sweaters," and the cute picture of "the girls" in their pajamas at one of your cookie parties. These are great pictures, Nicole. The picture of Jake with the "doggie" is not so cute. Poor puppy. But I do like Jake in a beard.
    Love, Suzie