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Monday, June 20, 2011

Skylar Meets her Great Grandparents

It is pretty amazing how fast time flies and with Skylar being over a year now and still never meeting her Great Grandparents, Jake and I decided it was time to make a trip up to see them.  Great Grandpa Fred's health hasn't been the best lately and we figured it would be a good idea to visit with them sooner rather than later. 

Skylar was such a trooper on the plane flight up.  Lucky for us the flight wasn't full so Skylar got her own seat right between Mom and Dad.   

Once we arrived at the Great Grandparents house they couldn't of been happier.  I believe Great Grandma even cried because she was so happy we were there.  Skylar felt so comfortable with them right away and loved running through their house.  Great Grandma Mary gave Skylar a cute little stuff animal as a welcome gift and Skylar gave Great Grandma a new photo of her from her 1st Year Photos.  I really don't know if that was the best gift because their little house is already full of dozens of photos of Skylar.  It's pretty cute how many photos up they have of her.  Mary said they have been admiring every photo we have sent them and that Fred even talks to the photos telling Skylar "Good Morning" everyday.  Skylar took a major liking to her Great Grandpa because she just loved running up to him and wanting him to pick her up so she could sit on his lap.  It was almost like she could sense that he wasn't feeling well and she just wanted to give him all her love.

On the second day of our visit we arrived at the Grandparents early the next morning and the first thing that Skylar did was run into her Great Grandparents bedroom and give her Great Grandpa a big morning hug, it was pretty cute! 

With the weather being was so beautiful we decided it would be best to get the grandparents out to enjoy it.  Mary had been saving pieces of bread for over a month now to use for feeding the ducks so we decided to head over to the duck pond.  Unfortunately there was not one duck in sight to feed which was probably a good thing because what duck wants to munch on hard, stale bread.  Either way, we made a good time of it and just walked around the bridge and watched the planes fly in.   

Next we met up with Jake's cousin Clint and his girlfriend Dallas who were so sweet to drive in from the city to meet us for lunch (of course, I forgot to get a picture of all of us).  When Jake was little and would come to visit with his Grandparents they would always make a trip to Preston's Ice Cream Parlor which is a staple in downtown Burlingame, so we wanted to make sure Skylar could experience it as well.  When we got there, the was a line out the door so I knew we were in for some amazing ice cream and it didn't disappoint.  Skylar even got her first taste of ice cream which she seemed to enjoy, but not as much as her Great Grandma Mary.  Mary keep saying how she was so full from lunch and there was no way she would be able to finish her sundae, but before you knew it her bowl was totally empty.

After ice cream we headed back home because Great Grandpa needed to rest after being out for 5 hours which is a big day for him.  Sadly our weekend with them was coming to an end and we had to call a cab to come take us back to our hotel.  They were both so heartbroken to see us go and Mary even started to cry as she helped us into our cab.  Even if it was only for a few short days, I believe that spending quality time with Skylar was just the right medicine they needed to help take their minds off their recent health issues.  I'm so glad that Jake and I decided to make the trip up to visit them when we did, just seeing the big smiles on both their faces when admiring Skylar made it all worth it.  I believe that having great grandchildren is really life's way of compensating for great grandparents having to grow old. 

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